CM - Kitchen Ready Mockup Creator 1017206 UPDATED
Loaded with features scene generator allows to create your own original restaurant, bar or food-related branding identity presentations by just dragging and dropping items in Photoshop.
Save Time & Money - 360+ items, 20 Ready made PSD scenes and 20 Background textures, all you need to create beautiful presentations, instantly.
Advanced Files -Objects can change their color and texture, moreover you have an option to change content of certain items.
  • Over 360+ editable objects
  • 20 PSD scenes ready to use
  • 20 Background textures
  • All object & shadows separated
  • Full customizable color options
  • Selective foil stamping
  • Changeable background
  • Perfect for light and dark designs
  • Professionally lit photography
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4 or higher
  • Resolution 4100×2735 in 300 dpi
  • Ready made scenes 3000x2000 in 300 dpi
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CM - Logo Creation Kit Bundle Edition 490891
This bundle featues our 7 awesome logo creation kits
Create stunning logos using the 1500+ elements and the 100+ suggested fonts or edit the logos that are already included! You have more than 300 to choose from! We tried to make the bundle as complete as possible and we will update it in the future.
You can do even more than logos using this bundle! Using the Monogram edition kit you can also make stunning patterns and backgrounds (see the presentation images) or very complex illustrations. With the Calligraphy kit you can make a lot of calligraphic elements to include in prints or web banners. Or you can combine elements from all the sets to create awesome illustrations or typography.
  • NEW! Logo Creation Kit Vol.6
  • Hers Logo Branding Kit
  • Logo Creation Kit
  • Logo Creation Kit
  • Calligraphy & Logo Creation Kit
  • Logo Creation Kit Vol.4, 5
  • Vintage Logos Set 1, 2, 3
  • Retro Badges Set 1
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Maxtree Plant Models 1, 3, 4

Maxtree Plant Models 1, 3, 4

2.8 GB

Plant Models Vol 1 is a collection of high-quality 3D grass models, this collection includes 20 species and each species with 10 different variations grass models.

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CM - 165 Styled Stock Mockups 1683781
JPG | 310 MB RAR
Feminine collection 38 styled stock photos, hi-resolution | 3000 px
Floral collection 30 styled stock photos, hi-resolution | 3000 px
Party collection 32 styled stock photos, hi-resolution | 3000 px
Frame collection 33 styled stock photos, hi-resolution | 3000 px
Still Destop collection 32 styled stock photos, hi-resolution | 3000 px
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CM - Gift Boxes and Bags Mockup Set 1834431
PSD | 261 MB RAR
  • files works only in Photoshop (min. PS C6);
  • pack includes 26 .psd files, file specs: 3000x3000 px 300dpi;
  • 5 sizes of boxes (4 views for each) and 3 sizes of bags (2 views each);
  • changeable colors and design of all boxes walls, wrapping paper, sticker, holder, (via smart objects);
  • custom foil stamp color effect;
  • backgrounds: custom, neutral and white (check preview);
  • Amazon ready: white background is always included;
  • well organized layers as in all of other Creatsy mockups.
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CM - Artistic Studio: Acrylic Toolkit 1781222
That's why today I announce my new series called Artistic Studio to bring the convenience and helpfulness of my digital artistic products to the completely new level! Meet the Acrylic Toolkit, a first volume packed full with amazing textures, patterns, vectors, illustrations that would complement any professional's toolbox! It's not a regular generic copyright, I really mean what I say ???? You will be able to use these tools again and again getting a great result.
  • 26 Seamless Acrylic Textures (PAT, JPG, AI CC+);
  • 20 Hand-Drawn Vector Rectangle Shapes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG);
  • 16 Hand-Drawn Vector Round Shapes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG);
  • 18 Hand-Drawn Vector Splashes (PNG, PSD, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG);
  • 20 Photoshop Brushes (ABR).
  • Music Fest Poster Template (PSD & AI Formats);
  • Seamless Paper Textures (PAT, JPG, AI CC+);
  • 9 Vector Paint Splashes (PNG, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG);
  • Vector objects & illustrations for overlay (PNG, AI, EPS, PDF, SVG).
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HELLO LITTLE ONE is a collection of hand-drawn style cartoon illustration with two charming characters: baby-carrot and bunny-rabbit + additional elements to create cute prints for baby's and children’s stuff and some stuff for adults too. You can mix and much the elements and add your text to make your own «story» about little bunny and carrot. It is perfect for newborn and infant clothing, accessories, baby-shower cards, posters, tote-bags, and other funny little things.
Set includes: 25 elements in two colored variations of every element + black outline version, 6 seamless patterns, 6 premade cards + little bonus.
You will get:
  • 25 elements: EPS8 | PSD 7677x 5906 (65x50cm/300dpi) with well organized layers for easy creation + instructions how to change color of major parts of elements | PNG separated files with transparent background (8333x8333), all elements are in the same scale.
  • 6 seamless patterns: EPS8 + PNG (8333x8333)
  • 6 premade baby shower cards: EPS8 + PNG with transparent background | 2cards: 1181x1772 (10x15cm/300dpi) | 2cards: 1772x1772 (15x15cm/300dpi) | 2cards: 1181x2362 (10x20cm/300dpi)
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CM - Little King - Boys GraphicKit 1819329
CM - Little King - Boys GraphicKit 1819329
321 PNG 44 EPS 9 PSD | 96 MB RAR
All hail The Dragon Masters, White Horse Riders, Lollipop Lickers, Cookies Snatchers, Jelly Beans Munchers! Brave adventurous souls that fights monsters under their bed!
For all Little King and their Fairy God Mother (a.k.a cereal provider), I presented "Little King - Fantastic Graphic Set", marvelous powerful tool to create your own happy joyous tale. YES! The pen (or pencil, keyboard, twigs, or anything really) of destiny is in your hand!
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CM - Neon layer styles for Photoshop 1807025
CM - Neon layer styles for Photoshop 1807025
Create your own digital neon signs with this set of 55 layer styles for Photoshop! These are .asl format layer styles, sometimes called "one click effects" and are very easy to use. Just add them to your Photoshop Styles panel, and click on one of the thumbnails to apply the layer style to your text or design. All the effects are fully editable, scalable, and non destructive.
I've also included two add-ons layer styles to create a contour around the neon sign and a glossy finish. These styles are optional and can be combined with any of the colored standard neon layer styles, by duplicating the base layer and applying these styles.
There are two color schemes available: bright and pastel, as well as two different neon tube styles (standard and stroke). Standard styles work well for shapes that already look like neon tubes, and stroke styles can be applied to objects such as bold fonts.
Also in this set, a collection of simple base shapes that can be used to create your neon signs. These shapes are provided in vector format (AI and EPS) and as individual 300 DPI PNG documents with transparent background.
In this set:
  • 12 standard bright neon styles
  • 12 standard pastel neon styles
  • 12 bright stroke neon styles
  • 12 pastel stroke neon styles
  • 1 standard white neon style
  • 1 white stroke neon style
  • 3 broken/off neon styles
  • 2 add-on layer styles (contour & glossy finish)
  • 1 cable generator layer style
  • neon sign shapes bases (AI, EPS and PNG)
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CM - Pattern Procreate brushes 1924475

Brush | 20 MB RAR
This Procreate brushes set includes a collection of 27 seamless pattern brushes, to create varied textures or to add shading to your illustrations! There's a also a bonus inker brush included, so you can use this one to trace the outlines of your drawings.
These brushes are divided into 3 categories:
• 14 halftone/screentone/pattern brushes (halftone dots, lines, cross pattern,...)
• 11 hand drawn pattern brushes, such as crosshatching and parallel hatches
• 2 texture brushes (toner ink and stipple)
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CM - iPhone X Mock-up Bundle 1889670


PSD | 742 MB RAR
Easy to use mock-up bundle to present your design. High quality guaranteed. Cropping, changing perspectives and layer masking are not needed, simply pop in your new screenshot and everything is automatic.
  • 25 Photoshop PSD-file
  • Very Easy to edit by Smart Object
  • Layered and Grouped PSD
  • High quality mock-up
  • Beautiful photo filters included
  • Size: 3000x2000px at 300dpi
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CM - RedPink Garden Flower Graphic Set 1908827


PNG | 138 MB RAR
"RedPink Garden" is  a mini-collection of  high quality hand-painted watercolor flower and leave elements that have been painted in a variety of bright & lively colorful pastel tones.  
They can be used for various purposes such as wedding Invitation, cards, greeting cards, identity, packaging design, cases, photos, posters, bags, wall art, label, stationery, merchandise, logos, blogs, website, banners, digital presentations, any DIY Project and more.
  • 9 x Individual floral Elements.
  • 7 x Floral Frames and Wreaths
  • 4 x Arrangements
  • 4 x Seamless Patterns  
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CM - Galaxy Triangle Poster 1925426


PSD | 247 MB RAR
  • files works only in Photoshop (min. PS C6);
  • 2 psd posters 8.5x11.9 (300dpi, CMYK, bleed .25)
  • free fonts used:
  • ready for print;
  • editable design elements;
  • well organized layers as in all of other Creatsy posters
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